West Coast Trip 2015 – Preview

view of the Pacific Ocean as we travel down the coast on route 1

I have decided to kick off the #steintinerary blog with a multi-part recap of the trip that played a huge part in inspiring me to do this in the first place.  My social media followers know it as #WCT2015, or West Coast Trip 2015.

At the beginning of 2015, one of my resolutions was to travel more, and I had set a goal of visiting and exploring one new city per month.  Around April, I realized how poorly I was tracking toward that goal, and decided that I wanted to find a way to make up for it.

As a lifelong East Coaster, I have always been intrigued by the West Coast, and recent business trips to San Francisco and Los Angeles had really whet my whistle for a full-blown excursion.  So, I took stock of my vacation time at work, and along with my girlfriend Rachel and our BFF Hilary, decided that we could all block off a 10 day stretch in October to head west, from October 16th – 26th.

I had an absolute blast planning this trip over the next several months.  As a huge Seattle Seahawks fan, visiting the Pacific Northwest was obviously a priority, so I started there.  Looking at the Hawks schedule and ticket prices, the game that made the most sense to go to was the October 18th game, when the Carolina Panthers were scheduled to visit CenturyLink Field.

That was the first domino to fall, and once that decision was made the rest of the trip kind of fell into place.  We would start in Seattle for 3 days, travel by train to Portland for 2 days, fly to San Francisco for 2 days, spend 1 day driving the Pacific Coast Highway down to San Diego, where we would spend 2 days before flying back to reality.

A big part of the planning process was also coordinating with some friends from my University of Rochester days who are now living on the West Coast.  One in San Diego who ended up joining us for the entire trip, and two from San Francisco who joined for the Seattle leg of the trip, and hung out with us in SF as well.  It’s always a good time exploring new places with old friends!

Sure, a lot of time has passed since this trip went down.  But it was so great, I remember the play-by-play as vividly as if the return flight from San Diego has just touched down a moment ago…

See these posts for recaps of each leg of the trip!

Stay tuned for the city-by-city, play-by-play of #WCT2015!


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