2017 Travel Plans

A travel calendar for 2017

Before we get to the rest of West Coast Trip, a look to the future!  At the beginning of each year, I like to set ambitious travel goals.  Often, that goal is to visit and explore a different city each month.  After several years of little success, each of the last few years I have actually sat down and written out a plan for how I can make that happen.  While I haven’t been 100% successful, this has certainly helped me organize my thoughts and make that goal feel real and achievable.  So, although it’s a little late, here is my plan for 2017!

January: Ottawa

A group trip to the Great White North for New Years Eve celebrations.  Recap coming soon!

PTO Days: 0

February: none 😕

I failed to visit any new places in February, but I did spend a lot of time putting the Steintinerary together, so February wasn’t a total waste of time…

March: NYC

Carpooling with Rachel and Hilary as they head down to Hoboken for a bridal shower.  I recruited a few bros to partake in a Steintinerary for a long weekend.  I’ve been to NYC plenty of times for business, but never for an extended period of time to hang out.  We will be focusing on Brooklyn, and lower Manhattan.

PTO Days: 1

April: Detroit??

Rachel has a bachelorette party in Charleston in April, and I am super jealous.  So that weekend I may try to get a small crew together to check out a new city.  I’ve never been to Detroit, and it’s actually closer to us than NYC is.

PTO Days: 0

May: Pittsburgh

A quick weekend trip planned around a Chance the Rapper concert.  Can’t wait.

PTO Days: 0

June: Erie, PA

A rather random destination, but I am attending a weekend bachelor party in Erie in June – it counts!

PTO days: 0

July: Tahoe

Not sure if I will be able to make this one happen, but man do I hope it works out.  Friends in SF have rented a sweet house on Lake Tahoe for the 4th of July.  Working it around the holiday allows me to limit PTO time despite the longer trip.

PTO Days: 2

August: Montreal

Despite the proximity (only 6 hours from Rochester), I have only been to Montreal once, and it was freezing.  Hoping for some better weather this time.

PTO Days: 1/2

September: Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Another bachelor party, let’s goooo!  Depending on flight prices, I will try to fly into Kansas City early to hang out and find some BBQ.  I’ve never been!

PTO days: 2

October: Chicago

Our good friend is getting married in Chicago in October, so we are adding an extra day to the trip for Steintinerary-ing.

PTO days: 1

November/December: TBD (one big trip, one small)

The plan is to do one big trip during one of these months – either a Europe trip in early-mid November, or a big tropical trip at the end of December for New Years Eve.  European destinations high on our radar include Iceland, the UK, or anywhere else really.  The plan is to keep our collective eye on The Flight Deal, Airfarewatchdog, and other sites and to jump quickly on one that tickles our fancy.

Tropical possibilities for New Years Eve include Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, or again, a random deal that pops up that catches our eye…

Whichever month ends up NOT being the big trip month, we will select a closer destination for a short weekend trip!  Philadelphia, DC, Baltimore, Boston, etc…

*UPDATE: Since this post was published, we have booked flights to Barcelona in November! This will be my first trip to Europe! Woohoo!

PTO Days: 6

TOTAL PLANNED PTO DAYS: 12.5 out of 14

What do you think?  Any recommendations for any of the places above?  What should be on my list for next year?


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