New Year’s Eve in Ottawa

sign reading Beavertails Pastry

New Year’s Eve is coming up – an occasion that recently has called for a short trip to celebrate for my group of friends! With most lines of work offering paid holidays for NYE and/or New Year’s Day, NYE is a great excuse to plan a quick 3-4 day excursion. Over the past few years, my friends and I have chosen locations that are within close driving distance, and thus do not require us to use a lot (if any) of our vacation time.  Hanging with friends, exploring a new city, with no vacation time required??  Sign me up!

Recently, for us here in Rochester, NY, this has meant spending NYE in Boston, Montreal, and last year, Ottawa!

Here are some spots to check out if you find yourself in the Canadian capitol during the cold winter months…

Byward Market. The market itself is well worth a visit, and the surrounding neighborhood is packed with bars, restaurants, and other places of interest. Both times that I have visited Ottawa I have stayed in Airbnb’s in the ByWard Market area – it is safe, walkable, and lively.

Level One/Loft. This cafe/bar/board game heaven was our absolute favorite place that we visited in Ottawa. We loved it so much, we ended up going here twice in the few days we were there! The warm and cozy feel is a perfect break from the bitter cold outside, and their massive game library is enough to keep you and your friends busy for as long as you want to stay. They have the classics for the casual board and card game player, and even the die-hard board game enthusiast would be hard-pressed to name a game that they do not have. Throw in a dynamite tap list and really good coffee drinks, and it’s game on!

Beavertails. An Ottawa staple, these friend dough treasures are well worth braving the cold. There are multiple locations throughout the city, including one right in the Byward Market.

Nate standing in front of Beavertails sign eating
Tasty treats

Ice skating along the Rideau Canal – if it’s open. Unfortunately, both times I have been to Ottawa in the winter, the canal has been closed for skating (this time because the ice wasn’t thick enough yet, and last time because it was literally -25 degrees outside). But it usually opens up around the first week of January, so if it’s a cold early winter season it might be open for you on NYE!

Escape Rooms! If you find yourself wandering around Ottawa on New Year’s Day, you may find that, well, a lot of places are closed. As we randomly discovered, one type of establishment that must never close is escape rooms – another great activity for when it’s well below freezing temperature outside. We stumbled upon the first one, didn’t make it out, and then we made it our mission to get out of one. We ended up doing two more (successful both times!) that afternoon, and there were several more that we could have tried as well. I don’t have any real stats, but I have to think that Ottawa must have the most escape rooms per capita of any city.

Kettleman’s Bagels. Located in the Glebe neighborhood, Kettleman’s specializes in Montreal style bagels, which are smaller, denser, and sweeter (and, I think, better) than the New York style bagel.

I will definitely be back to Ottawa soon, perhaps when it’s a bit warmer than 0 degrees…comment with suggestions on what to see next time!


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