EuroTrip 2017: Barcelona, Pt 3

People relax on the sand overlooking blue water and a blue sky.

This is it – sadly, we have reached the end of EuroTrip 2017…


  • Paella
  • Explore El Born and Barceloneta
  • Dinner at La Flauta

Day 8: Last Day ☹️

After a late night, we were a little slow moving on the morning of our last day in Barcelona. Our plan was to start the day in the El Born neighborhood, and check out the Museu Picasso after doing some wandering. And that’s just what we did.

A narrow street lined by neogothic architecture.
The narrow streets of El Born.
A colorful building adorned with murals and ornate columns and sculptures.
Looking up at the beautiful Palau de la Música Catalana in El Born.

I did not get any photos inside the Picasso Museum (I think it was not allowed, or at least frowned upon). Anyway, I would recommend it for a dreary day, such as the one that we had. Or, of course, if you are a museum or art aficionado. It seemed to be a very popular attraction, at a reasonable cost.

We were all pretty tired after the museum, so we found a spot nearby called Vila Vinoteca, which was a small market and café with good coffee drinks and a selection of tapas-related items including jamón, cheese, and a separate area with a wide array of wines.

A dog stands in the doorway of a shop.
Good boyyyyy

With our batteries recharged and the sun coming out, we decided to walk over to the beach in the Barceloneta neighborhood and try to find some fresh paella. We had two options, one recommended the prior day by our bike tour guide, and another that we had found in our research. Cognizant that we were approaching the “dead time” of Barcelona’s eating schedule between 3pm and 9pm, we turned our cell phone data on to check the hours. Both were open! Or so we thought…

Palm trees and people on a sidewalk by a harbor.
The stroll to Barceloneta.
Three people sit on a bench.
When Google’s listed hours fail you for the 3rd time in a week.

BOTH of the places that we had looked up and thought were open were definitely not open. We had been talking about paella for the past four days; needless to say we were very disappointed at this major fail. We took some time to sulk on a bench and ponder what to do next. At this point, fatigue from a busy week was setting in and we were all a little hangry (myself probably most of all). We definitely did NOT want our Barcelona paella experience to be sub par, so we ultimately decided to wait until next time for paella, instead of giving in and getting a lesser paella at a touristy place. After we talked it out, we snapped some pictures of the beautiful beaches before heading back toward the hotel.

People relax on the sand overlooking blue water and a blue sky.
A little chilly, but the beach area was still fairly busy.

At this point we split up, and Rachel and I went to find some food while the others did some shopping around Las Ramblas. We ended up getting a snack at a place called Wok and Bao, which was not bad by any means for fast food, but it was no paella 😔.

We regrouped at the hotel and prepared for a meal that we had been looking forward to for a while: dinner at La Flauta. But first, we had one more craft beer spot to check out. We took the metro back out to El Born, and headed into Ale&Hop. After running into somebody that I played baseball with in college (the world is crazy small), we sat down in the back with some good wheat beers among a pro-Catalonian independence crowd fresh off a (peaceful) demonstration and march down Las Ramblas. We felt pretty good about picking a spot that the locals clearly enjoy as well.

After a couple of cañas, we headed back to the Eixample area, where La Flauta is located. We tried to get there pretty close to when it opened, since we knew it was a very popular restaurant and they do not take reservations. We encountered a 45-60 minute wait that was absolutely worth it.

A crowded bar.
The bar area, packed with hungry people.

Here, we got all of the classics one last time. Patatas bravas, pan con tomate, jamón, escalivada, pimientos padrón, and some other items as well. Everything was excellent, and this was definitely in the top 3 meals that we had on the whole trip, if not THE top meal. The staff was friendly, the vibe was lively, the food was delicious, and the prices were super reasonable. We could not have asked for a better finale!

And with that, EuroTrip 2017 sadly came to a close. I was incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to embark on this trip, and spend it with my wonderful travel companions. My first time in Europe was nothing short of a smashing success!

Stay tuned for my lessons learned and key takeaways from planning and executing this trip – coming soon…


  • La Flauta
  • Ale&Hop

Next Time in Barcelona:

  • PAELLA!! This was a major fail that I am borderline depressed about.
  • Visit during the warmer months.
  • Get more views from Montjuïc and Bunkers del Carmel.
  • See more of Gaudí’s architecture – Cast Batlló, Casa Milà, etc.

I know some of y’all have been to Barcelona – tell me what I missed in the comments!


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