EuroTrip 2017 – Preview

A small church and a cross on a rocky cliff by the water.

Welcome to EuroTrip 2017! Here is a preview of what’s to come…

I embarked on my maiden voyage across the Atlantic with Rachel, and two of our closest friends (Steve and Nicole) about a month ago in early November. Judicious usage of my vacation time at work throughout the year allowed me to take a full week off, which we used to turn this into a Saturday – Sunday (8 days/9 nights) excursion. And I still have some time left to use for a New Year’s Eve trip!

The locations for the trip were selected somewhat randomly. We knew we wanted to go to Europe, and we spent a few months keeping an eye on flight deals from various sources, eventually choosing a round trip flight from JFK to Barcelona for $400 that we found via The Flight Deal newsletter. The deal was for the time period that we were looking at going, which also happened to be outside the peak season for visiting the Mediterranean, so we felt like we could possibly find good deals on hotels too. And we did!

Here is what the overall itinerary ended up looking like:

  • Drive from Rochester to JFK airport early Saturday.
  • Fly out of JFK Saturday evening, landing in Barcelona early Sunday morning.
  • Pick up a rental car and drive to Marseille, stopping in Collioure along the way.
A boy on a cannon pointing toward a hill across a bay, with houses and a castle atop the hill.
A young lad defends the fortified town of Collioure, near the French/Spanish border.
  • Spend 2 nights in Marseille.
The sun setting over buildings in Marseille
Watching the sunset from Cours Julien in Marseille.
  • Drive to Aix en Provence for 1 day/night.
Horses grazing near a rock wall
A couple of horses on the grounds of Chateau la Dorgonne winery in La Tour D’Aigues in Provence.
  • Drive back to Barcelona, drop off the rental car and stay 4 nights before flying back home the following Sunday morning.
Two bikers in a line of cars on a narrow street with people walking on the sidewalks
Biking the narrow streets of the Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona.

Needless to say, I will be planning a return to Europe very soon. I’m super excited to share more photos and details from this trip over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for breakdowns of our itineraries in Collioure, Marseille, Aix en Provence, and Barcelona!